Art, sculpting, painting and  model-making. Some of my favourite sites from the “Information Superhighway”

Planet Figure

Without doubt the best figure related website on the whole interwebs!

David Lemon

Over 1000 videos of close tutorial sculpting from one of Americas premier western artists. David shares his life and sculpting skills on YouTube.

Flat Tin Figures

Created and edited by Steven Lloyd a website devoted to flat and relief figures.  Beautifully presented, with articles and interviews from the worlds best painters/manufacturers. I’m on there as well!

Gary Dombrowski

Historical artist and the guy who “unwittingly” inspired me to start creating relief sculptures. Gary is a natural teacher, his method of breaking down the sculpting process is clear, concise and inspirational.

Rafael Cebrian

Master relief sculptor from Spain. Rafael is an “all rounder”, sculptor, painter, manufacturer, his work is world-class and his talent simply begs to be applauded.

Ken Farrar

Ken Farrar a U.K. sculptor who offers a wide range of military, historical and fantasy busts, figures, including semi-round flats.

Lisa Lichtenfels

This is as far away from relief sculpting as you can get, but I draw inspiration from all aspects of the art world. Lisa is a master from the world of Doll Art, her work is unique and breathtaking.

John Flaxman

One of Britain’s greatest sculptors and draughtsman, his relief work is exemplary – search Google for  “John Flaxman jasperware portraits” to see what I mean…