HI folks – a quick post just to keep you updated.

Western-Girl-Update-#2Western girl has taken a little bit of a back seat whilst summer work commitments have drained away my precious sculpting time, however I’m back at the workbench and putting the final touches to the face. The jacket has been roughed out and I’m about ready to start on the collar, hat and hair. As with previous sculpts I will bring it up to a stage where I am happy with the overall sculpt and then it will be put into primer so the final finish can be achieved.

Got to say that the new clay mix that I am using has proved to be excellent. not only is less flaky and prone to crumbling when worked, it holds detail very well and because of the colour, it reveals the depth of the sculpt beautifully.

11800060_860959473980348_5611530643447131649_nThe sculpt is a combination of images so the clothing, hat and hair will differ drastically from this image. An earlier costume and straighter (but flowing hair) will sculpted onto this basic pose. Its an artist interpretation that I think will work well and it also makes me work that little bit harder than just copying an image verbatim.

Got to admit this profile sculpt (my first) has been challenging, but equally a real joy to work on, I have learnt so much from it that I can carry on to future sculpts.

I will be making castings of this in the near future, so if anyone is interested, please use my contact form to let me know and I can make contact with you when the time comes.

Marie-Tepe-castingOn the topic of castings my Marie Tepe sculpt is selling well! There are a few left for sale if you would like to get one before I retire the mould.

So – that’s all for now…

…as ever – wishing you all good health and happiness.